Timeline's 3-step training programme

Training and upskilling in new approaches and adopting new technologies is key to delivering an ROI for most businesses. At Timeline we appreciate the need to educate users in the science and approach as much as in the core platform usability and capability.

We deliver a 3-step training programme to achieve the following:

  • Education

    How Timeline utilises science and data to solve the retirement planning process?

  • Empowerment

    How Timeline empowers the relationship between you and your clients?

  • Enrichment

    How Timeline delivers the very best in next-generation retirement analytics, delivering true personalisation of the retirement experience?

The programme is delivered through webinar

or remote training sessions, in 3-cycles:

  • 30 mins

    How to use data & science to model the retirement experience.

  • 40 mins

    Build and stress-test retirement models.

  • 45 mins

    To simulate client retirement experiences and personalise the impact of taxes, fees, dividends and interest.

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We're There With You

Post-training, we're still here for you. Our consultants will continue to be available in a virtual 'floor walking' capacity to assist users to get the best out of the system. Whether that's answering questions, providing another demonstration, or capturing future enhancement requests.